My work

I'm a UK based senior developer working in Contact Centre Technologies for a UK insurance group. I work primarily on the Microsoft Windows Technology Stack, with professional experience dating back to 2001. I started out with VB6, C++ and ASP working on solutions for both the desktop and the PocketPC. My project work varies between batch processes and client - server applications, whilst working on new solutions and maintaining \ improving legacy systems.

Over the years I've evolved from primarily using C++ to C#, although I still like to dabble with C++ and languages like F# and R to ensure I'm always keeping an open mind about the best solution for a problem.

My primary area of work has always revolved around data manipulation. I have vast experience in data structures and databases and always drive for heavy normalisation and performance driven design of structures.

I view my job as a hobby, and think I'm lucky to be able to work in such a job. I love a challenge and hate being beaten a problem. I enjoy the opportunity to throw ideas and opportunities around my team. I believe that all ideas should be thrown around no matter how crazy or controversial because you never know what they'll inspire.

I view development as a constant learning experience. I use the internet as a source of inspiration and look for people on the likes of twitter, codeplex and github who can expand or challenge my knowledge or highlight alternatives \ possibilities in what I work on.


When I'm not stuck in front of a computer (which I do try to achieve on a regular basis), I enjoy playing sports, listening to music and watching TV.

From 2003 - 2008 I played hockey for the University Of Salford, helping to run the club from 2007-2008. Upon returning to my home town I have joined Folkestone Optimist Hockey club, where I play, coach, and umpire. I have also at times enjoyed playing Football and Rugby, but flat feet and dodgy ankles mean I'm quite injury prone when wearing studs!

When I'm not injured \ suffering from the effects of hockey I enjoy running. I will run around 10 miles around 3 times a week. I find it's a great way to unwind while still thinking through ideas and planning out my working week.

When I'm not being quite so active I like to play card or board games, or sit and watch TV. I enjoy Sci-Fi shows such as 24, Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Stargate, and Star Trek. I also enjoy comedy shows such as Blackadder, Family Guy, Have I Got News For You and Red Dwarf. Music wise, I have a passion for dance music, centred on the House and Trance genres, although I like anything with a decent bassline. I have an extensive record collection which I listen to a lot, and a pair of decks. I enjoy going out clubbing (although thay happens much less these days), and I also have a uncanny memory for dance music, which is sometimes (but not very often) useful. I do occasionally play games on my XBox One, Xbox 360 or PC, but only if I have free time, like a day off.

I wish I read more than I do, but I don't get the time to, so anything I read is usually technology related. When I do read I enjoy things like Terry Pratchett's Discworld series.