FluentData AutoMap Technical Debt

23 Nov 2015 - 22:45 UTC.

Today I've spent 4 hours removing calls to the AutoMap method in FluentData. While the AutoMap feature is a nice quick start feature while you get started with development of a project, it is NOT suitable for an enterprise grade application which needs to cater for forward \ backward compatibility between the application and database layers.

Our issue came about on our Development system when a fellow developer made database changes in preparation for a new feature. Our difficulty came when FluentData went to AutoMap the new columns on a table to an existing POCO object that had no mention of the column.

The moral of the story is features that aid Rapid Application Development might be nice but you must assess what potential they have when it comes to future changes. That couple of hours saved on initial development can be lost 2 or 3 times over when it comes to dealing with the repercussions. To be clear this isn't a slight on FluentData, but in how it had been utilised.

Upon reflection of what had to be carried out today, this is where I'd already been thinking I'd like to stick something into our CI build to blacklist method calls and warn about them.



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