Sensitivities in suggesting Geofenced locations as favourites

14 Mar 2015 - 17:08 UTC.

Today is a day where my family takes some time to remember my Grandmother. While we were paying our respects my Dad mentioned that his Google Nexus was suggesting the crematorium as a favourite place.

Technology aids are a great thing and there will always be challenges around sensitivities. I won't blame Google for this behaviour, they aren't the only technology company to have functionality that does this. Having the technology break-throughs and ease of availability often means negative experiences are happening the technology is to reacting afterwards to reduce these afterwards.

But is this the correct way to be carrying something out? At Saga we have a value of "Treating the Customer Fairly", people are free to challenge something they believe is not in the interests of the customer, or has a chance to negatively our relationship with the customer. That process isn't perfect so I won't preach that we're "holier than thou".

All I'll say is that during a project carry out reviews in the role of a Upset\Disgruntled customer, look at the sad events happening in life around you to inspire better decisions and a more pro-active approach to having sensitive technology.

As for Geofencing, if you build a collection of building\location types that have negative connotations (crematoriums, hospitals, churches) a simple change can make someone’s day a little less sad.



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